High Quality TC1000-G Lab Fast Testing PCR Thermal Cycler Real Time PCR Machine

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Thermal cycler is essential laboratory instrument in the field of molecular biology research such as sequencing, gene cloning, gene expression, mutagensis applications and applied market like drug discovery, agriculture, food industry, etc.

· Reliable  heating/cooling  elements  and  precise temperature control
· Unique  design  of  block  ensur es  the temperature uniformity and repeatable results
· 7 inch Large color touch panel screen for easy programming with user friendly software
· High performance DSP and temperature control
· Fast heating and cooling rate
· Large user program storage

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• High performance long life Peltier and independent control circuits for different heating segments implement accurate temperature control
• Auxiliary heating mechanism diminishes the "edge effect" and enhance the temperature uniformity
• Wide touchdown PCR temperature range (-9.9°C~+9.9°C) and Long PCR time range (-9min59s~+9min59s)
• Gradient temperature setting supported, optinizing temperature easily in the single run
• User friendly interface on 7 inch color touch screen enable you edit the program very simple
• The PCR touch screen pen improves the operation experience and reduces the cross contamination risk

TC-1000G (2)

*More features

• Wide options of consumables common PCR tubes, 8-well PCR strips and 96-well PCR plates can be used
• File customization, multi-file storage
• Power-off protection function, automatic program recovery
• Hot lid auto-off function: If the module temperature is lower than 30°C, the hot lid function will automatically turn off

TC-1000G (1)


Specifications TC1000-G
Sample Capacity 96X0.2mL PCR tube,  8X12 PCR plate or 96 well plate
Heating Temperature Range 4-105℃
Lid Temperature Range 30-110℃
Temperature Display Accuracy ±0.1℃
Temperature Control Accuracy [at 55℃] ±0.3℃
Temperature uniformity[at 55℃] <0.3℃
Max. Heating/Cooling Rate 3℃Sec
Gradient Temperature Setting Range 30-99℃
Gradient Range 1-42℃
Adapter block material aluminum
Display 7” LCD 800x480
Input Touch panel
User defined file system Max. 30 segments 99 cycles  max. 16 folder and 16 files each folder
Power off protection Yes
Power Supply 100-120V/200-240V,50/60Hz
Dimension [D×W×H]

( without the heating block )

280x370x250 mm
Weight 11kg

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