Plastic and Glass Green Top Heparin Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

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Model No.: BL004
Heparin sodium/lithium
(Heparin tubes,logo:NH or LH,green)
Heparin is a type of mucopolysaccharide with sulfate groups and strong negative charges. It facilitates antithrombin III to deactivate serine endopeptidase and therefore,prevents the formation of thrombin.It also prevents blood platelets from aggregating Heparin tubes are normally used for biochemistr tests in emergency setting and tests in blood flow. Heparin tubes are also the best choice for electrolytes testing. When testing for sodium in blood samples,heparin sodium cannot be used because of that is may impact the results.In addition,heparin tubes cannot be used for white blood cell counting and sorting due to that heparin induces white blood cell aggregation.

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Capacity 2-10ml
Payment Terms T/T
MOQ 1200 PCS
Lead Time 15 Days
Supply Ability 1000000 PCS / month
Shelf Life 2years
Quality Certification ISO 13485/CE



High quality tube
1.The use of high quality PET material, stable nature, and have good air tightness.
Safety cap
1.Selection of high quality synthetic butyl rubber stopper, very suitable for automatic analyzer puncture sampling, its ait tightness,puncture force is small, very few drops not plug the hole,and pin the needle.
2.Special rubber plug configuration, to reduce the wear of the puncture needle,Puncture needle life is more than twice the use of ordinary rubber stopper.
3. Suitable for all kinds of off-hat centrifuge and decapper.
4. Head cap colors meet internationally accepted standards.

micro blood collection tube

micro blood collection tube

High quality additives
1.The variety of additives is complete,the variety of forms, the main use of spray drying technology, so that the anticoagulant effect of uniform, mild, thorough.
2.Set the vacuum accurately, to ensure that the proportion of blood samples and additives accurate.

Customize the label
1.Depending on the customer's requirements, different materials and labels with specific identification can be customized Prefabricated bar code easy to identify, more wearable.


*Classification of Vacuum Tubes

Cap color Specification
Red No additive tube
Red Coagulation tube
Yellow Separation of Gel /Coagulant
Green Heparin Sodium
Blue Sodium citrate1:9
Black Sodium citrate1:4
Grey Blood glucose tube

micro blood collection tube

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