Yellow top disposable vacuum gel and clot activator blood collection tube

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Model No.: BL002
Separation of Gel/coagulant
(separation of gels, no color marks in standard,usually in yellow)
Coagulant is coated on the inner wall of the
blood-collecting tube,accelerating blood coagulation and minimizing testing duration. Tube contains separation gel, which completely separates blood liquid component
(serum) from solid component(blood cells) and aggregates both components inside the tube with barrier. Product can be used for blood biochemistry tests(liver function,renal function,myocardial enzyme function, amylase function, etc),serum electrolyte tests(serum potassium,sodium,chloride,calcium,phosphate,etc),
Thyroid function, AIDS, tumor markers, serum
immunology,drug testing,etc.

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Capacity 2-10ml
Payment Terms T/T
MOQ 1200 PCS
Lead Time 15 Days
Supply Ability 1000000 PCS / month
Shelf Life 2years
Quality Certification ISO 13485/CE


micro blood collection tube


High quality tube
1.Adopting high quality PET material with stable properties and good air tightness
2.Inner wall of PET tube is treated with silicification ,it can avoid cell wall hanging and has extremely smooth surface.

micro blood collection tube

micro blood collection tube

High efficiency additives
1.Use high-quality inert separation gel, no interference of the blood of physical and chemistry performance.
2.Get clear, transparent and clean serum specimens after fast centrifugation.
3.High temperature and easy to freeze storage, with a stable nature, after centrifugation rarely appear "oil droplets phenomenon.

Customize the label 
1.Labels can be customized upon customer request,different materials and labels with specific logos can be customized


*Classification of Vacuum Tubes

1.In the clinical experiment from the venous blood samples, the blood collection tubes divided into Serum blood tubes, plasma blood tubes and whole blood tubes according to different request of the blood specimen.
2.Serum blood tubes: no additive (red cap), clot activator (orange cap), Separation gel (yellow cap).
3.Plasma blood tubes:PT tube (blue cap), Heparin tube (green cap), Oxalate tube (grey cap), Nucleic acid detection tube (pink cap).
4.Whole blood tubes: Blood routine tube (purple cap), ESR tube (black cap) and Dynamic blood sedimentation tube (black cap).

micro blood collection tube

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